Foot Steps is  the church crèche which is open for all children in the Turner Vestry every Sunday during the 9.30am service (with the exception of Christmas and New Years day!)
Foot Steps is led by a team of different crèche leaders, one of whom leads the session and circle time each week. Each week there are also three crèche helpers  who help the children, ‘man the door’ to ensure your child is safe in the room and help set up and tidy away. The leader and helpers can be identified by their name badges, so parents can spot them easily and introduce their child to a friendly face. All the crèche team have a DBS (police check). EVERYONE  IS WELCOME!
Foot Steps welcomes any children who are in church, although activities are specifically targeted at the aged 6 and under. A good time to come into the Crèche is after the notices are given out at the beginning of the service,  then it gives the leaders a few minutes to get everything ready for you.
DO I HAVE TO STAY WITH MY CHILDREN IN THE CRÈCHE? Parents of very young children often prefer stay with their little ones or some children do not like to be left but others are very happy to stay with their friends and play and craft! We now have an extra helper in crèche each week that is specifically allocated to looking after any children who are left with us. We also use a name sticker to so we can talk to them easily by using their name and all keep an extra eye out. Please make sure that you tell one of the helpers when you leave your child in crèche. Hopefully your children will begin to grow in confidence and feel happy to be left in the capable hands of the crèche team, giving you as parents that valuable half an hour of Spiritual nourishment and time to sit in peace!  Why not try it one week?Crèche can be very busy at times so for this reason we would ask that only one parent stays with your children in crèche if possible please, as us grown-ups do take up a lot of space!


Crèche leaders set up activities such as craft, stories and colouring each week, which tie in with the theme of the Church service. There are lots of toys relating to themes relevant to our everyday lives and God’s World.





Each Foot Steps session always ends with the special crèche song and prayer.







On the first Sunday of each month, all participants of the crèche are invited to the front of the church after the final blessing to share a ‘taste’ of their activities with the congregation and to sing the special Foot steps song…..

When you collect your children from Footsteps we ask that everyone returns into the church as quietly as possible so that there is minimum ‘hustle and bustle’ as the service continues.





You are probably aware by now that the church is looking to extend the church in some way to make a larger area for crèche, a space to accommodate Trekkers in the church itself, and an area where the congregation can have coffee after the service.  Please do look out for any articles, information, consultations, fundraising about the extension and give your feedback – It is really valuable. The project is in the very early stages of watch this space!

We regularly have new volunteers for Crèche and currently have a waiting list for helpers – how fantastic is that for the church!

For further information contact: Debbie Catton (