A walk round the church is worthwhile. There are some 18th century tombstones of interest, notably to members of the Gross family near the east window, and to Richard Moss by the Tritton vestry door.

On the outside of the north wall is a shallow porch of Tudor moulded brickwork, dated 1531, with a studded oak door.

Near the door to the Turner vestry is the tombstone of Ebenezer Jones, a Victorian poet, the subject of a touching poem by the former Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman. Outside the small gate by the road is a stone mounting block and tethering ring for any parishioners who came by horse.

The Weathercock

Inside the church, above the entrance door is the old weathercock put there after a new one replaced it on the spire in 1930. It reminds us of Jesus’ warning that Peter would disown him three times before the cock had crowed twice. In this church, we might also connect it with the Courage family, who have been patrons of the living for nearly a century.