Foot Steps Crèche

Every Sunday at the 9.30am Parish Eucharist, babies and pre-school children are welcome to come to Foot Steps crèche. It takes place in the Turner Vestry at the back of church, where you can leave your children under the supervision of the crèche leader and helpers, or one parent can remain with them if you wish. We offer a selection of toys that promote Christian values and a craft activity linked to the weekly theme in church.

Each Foot Steps session always ends with the special crèche song.

On the first Sunday of each month, all participants of the crèche are invited to the front of the church after the final blessing to share a ‘taste’ of their activities with the congregation and to sing the special Foot Steps song.

When you collect your children from Foot Steps we ask that everyone returns into the church as quietly as possible so that there is minimum ‘hustle and bustle’ as the service continues.

Contact: Debbie Catton (01277 225979;