All telephone numbers start with ’01277′ unless otherwise stated.

During the vacancy, please contact the Churchwardens Edna Grimble or Ian Eaton if you have any queries. Their contact details can be found below. 

For funerals, please contact Dr Paul Betts (contact details below).

For Baptism and Wedding enquiries, please contact Laura Bazzoni, the Parish Administrative Assistant,, 07464 202917.

For any questions on Shenfield Parish Hall costs and availability, please go to the "Parish Hall" tab in the blue strip at the top of our Home page.

Please contact one of the Churchwardens for any other matters.


Licensed Lay Minister

Canon Paul Betts

Tel: 228497

Mobile: 07840 306413



Edna Grimble

Tel: 222353

Mobile: 07985 319187


Ian Eaton

Tel: 205410

Mobile: 07922 130111


If you can’t find the information you need or have an enquiry about the website, please email us at: or use this form: